Canadell beach

One of the best pleasures in Canadell is, after having the lunch, to lay about two hours on the sand under a boat

Josep Pla, the great writer of the Costa Brava and Ampurdan, wrote this impression from the beach in which he spent so many summers, in the family villa, still standing. He wrote this feelings almost a century ago in his early work “The Grey Notebook”. Today we recall the same spirit and visit this beach, also close to other great places to visit, as Llafranc, Port-bo, or Sant Sebastia Lighthouse.

La playa del Canadell, en Calella de Palafrugell, Girona, Costa Brava

Canadell beach is small and very familiar. It has a length of 200 meters and about 27 meters wide. The sand is somewhat grainy. Access is easy, and you can arrive on foot, by car or even public transport.

La playa del Canadell forma un pequeño núcleo centenario de pescadores

Canadell beach was originally, centuries ago, a little village of fishermen

One of the main attractions of the beach is the seaside boulevard. Superbly conditioned, it offers to the visitors views of the villas, some of them some centuries old, as that historically linked to writer Josep Pla, which belonged to his family and where they enjoyed together the summer. The winter villa is in Llofriu: and it’s called the Mas Pla. As the sunny and warn weather approached in summer many families in those years used to move out next to the sea, to the coast of Palafrugell.

La villa roja, a la izquierda, es la perteneciente al escritor ampurdanés Josep Pla

The villa in red, in the left side, belonged to Josep Pla family

Other special feature of this landscape is the large rock that sits on your right, “the chair”, a projection of rock from which many young people plunge into the sea.

La roca denominada la Trona, situada a la izquierda de la playa del Canadell

Rock called "la Trona", located on the left side of Canadell beach

In Canadell beach many people know each other. This beach is so familiar and small that many visitors repeat every summer and have the opportunity of meeting the same passionated people of the place.

La noche en el Canadell se tiñe de una atmósfera especial. Es el momento de un ron cremat.

Canadell nights are special. It's time for a marine "ron cremat" drinking, based on rhum.

Don’t miss the elegant coastal path that, on the north side of the beach, leads to Llafranc bay, just 15 minutes away.


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