Banyoles Lake

Lake of Banyoles, located in the Pla de l’Estany zone, is a pond fed by groundwater from the High Garrotxa region, northwest from this point. Declared  picturesque landscape in 1951 and rowing venue in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, it is an exceptionally beautiful place to walk around, have a boat journey or simply to have a picnic on its banks.

El lago de Banyoles, en el interior del Ampurdán, Costa Brava

Lake of Banyoles, interior Ampurdán, Costa Brava

Pla de l’Estany (in Catalan estany means pond) is a region rich in water, since it is located between two river basins: the Fluvià one in the north, and the river Ter in the south. For this reason it has several ponds, and the Banyoles lake is the best known. Of great beauty, with a shape of number eight, this lake also has a huge ecological value because it builds up around an enormous diversity of plant and animal living habitat that benefits from the fresh water the lake provides.

Panorámica del las tranquilias aguas del Lago de Banyoles

Panoramical view of the quiet waters in Lake of Banyoles

Banyoles is the village situated on the right bank. The importance of the lake to its people is vital and constitutes one of the main symbols of their identity. In fact the village was able to grow to its shores by irrigation canals that the Benedictine monks of the monastery of Sant Esteve de Banyoles built in year 812. These canals are still preserved and cross Banyoles streets. At the time these works allowed lake flood control and increased the habitability in the area. Subsequently less urgent uses appeared, as washing clothes, watering and industrial fields (fabric, paper, flour, etc.).

Rec de Can Hort, junto al Lago Banyoles

Rec de Can Hort, one of the ancient canals next to Banyoles Lake

Banyoles Lake is today a major tourist attraction and around it you can carry out several activities: Pinxo train, a small train that runs along the south side of the lake to reach the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa Maria Porqueres, the swimming area, boat travels across the lake, the fisher houses still kept…

Antigua casa de pesca junto al lago Banyoles

Traditional fishermen house next to Lake of Banyoles

Lake of Banyoles, by its nature and landscape, is included in the plan area of ​​natural interest, so it has a high conservation status. For this reason visitors are invited to enjoy the presence without affecting its integrity.


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