Cala del Senyor Ramon

Cala del Senyor Ramon is another of the wonderful beaches, probably the widest, that we can find through the road GI-682, between Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. Unknown to many tourists, of easy access through a little bit long path, Cala del Senyor Ramon has impressive underwaters and very clean, almost transparent, waters.

La Cala del Senyor Ramon, en Santa Cristina d'Aro, en Girona, Costa Brava

Cala del Senyor Ramon, in Santa Cristina d'Aro, in Girona, Costa Brava, Spain

Although it has many features that define a creek: long access, surrounded by cliffs, etc. Cala del Senyor Ramon is actually a broad sandy beach of about 800 meters. It is located at kilometer 35 of the GI-682, just after Cala Vallpresona(traveling from Tossa to Sant Feliu) in the municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aro.

Imagen de la Cala del Senyor Ramon desde el inicio del descenso por las escaleras

From the beginning of the path down to the Cala del Senyor Ramon you can enjoy the impressive scenic views

The creek is signed in the road point, you must then leave the vehicle in a parking next to the road, which you may pay (the council sets it up because of the cost of maintenance of the creek). In any case, from the parking to the beach, you walk down along a path with 365 curves very well conditioned, on which in many places a wooden floor has been set up.

La playa del Senyor Ramon es larga y de arena

Cala del Senyor Ramon is a long and sandy beach

From the beginning of the path you can see the sweeping beauty of this cove. We actually don’t know the reason of the name “Senyor Ramon” (“Mr Ramon”) (incidentally, also known as Corcollada), perhaps coming from a former owner of this land. In any case the cove has also some services: a little bar in summer, showers, toilets, rubbish bins and parking above. Nudism is allowed on this creek.

Pinos al borde del mar, una imagen típica de la Costa Brava que esta cala comparte

Pines next to the sea shore, a typical Costa Brava image that Cala del Senyor Ramon also offers

Composed of fine sand it gives you a feeling of foot massage as you walk on it. The cove is about 350 meters long and 50 meters wide and is usually little crowded all the year, even in summer, for the conditions listed above. The appearance of the cove is rough and wild, in fact it is the largest coastal sand beach between Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Tossa de Mar. The underwater is sandy and excellent for diving. The slope into the sea is quite pronounced.

Junto a la cala encontramos unas rocas que permiten observar su vida submarina mediante snorkel

Snorkeling in Cala del Senyor Ramon is a very convenient activity. Don't miss it because underwater is specially interesting

To the left (north direction) of the Cala del Senyor Ramon stand the colorful reefs of Canyet, a group of islands near Cala Canyet. To the right (south direction) it is separated by some cliffs, the tiny Cala Concagats and, after it, the famous nudist Cala Vallpresona.

La Cala del Senyor Ramon es una amplia playa perfecta para tomar el sol en familia

Cala del Senyor Ramon is a perfect beach for sunbathing in family

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