La Fosca Beach Legend

Legend tells us that when Pirene, Pyrenees daughter, after being released from Alcies fire, left the mountains to see the coast she ordered her servants to find a small beach where to build her brand new home.

Cala Fosca, en Palamós, Girona, Costa Brava

Cala Fosca, in Palamós, Girona, Costa Brava

They run along the coast from north to south in search of that place to settle. They passed through the Gulf of Roses, which was considered too large for the small shelter she sought, she intented to settle in the Aiguablava creek, in Begur, though the mountains surrounding it reminded her too much to her former home.

The Calella and Llafranc beaches tempted her at first, however, she was not completely decided until a breakdown in her ship forced her to stop next the Formigues Islands, in Cap Gros, where, off the boat, she fell in love with the fine sand of the beach and its softness.

Una roca negra frente a la playa domina la Cala La Fosca

The black rock in front of the Cala Fosca beach

And there, next to the waves caresses, she asked her entourage to erect her castle. And so they did, they built a small paradise on her image, with orchards and gardens. Local fishermen were captivated both by the princess beauty and joy, and they offered her the best fish of the sea. She, in return, exhibited them her sympathy and songs.

La Cala Fosca, en Palamós, de aguas transparentes

Cala Fosca, in Palamós, has clear waters

However, the feudal lord who had his castle in the nearby beach of Es Castell, was so in love with the girl that sent embassies to ask for her hand. However, Pyrene had offered her heart to the boy who had helped her to escape from the fire in the mountains, so she was obliged to refuse the gentleman proposition. He, slighted and angry at the rejection of the young princess, and after several threats, burned one night the girl castle and her entourage, reducing all them to ashes.

The castle of our princess was reduced to a set of ruins, which were covered by the Mediterranean waves over the centuries. Just a black rock, which rises in the middle of the beach, has been able to stay throughout the centuries.

La Cala Fosca es una de las calas más frecuentadas de Palamós durante el verano

Cala Fosca is one of the most popular beaches in Palamós through the summer

The evil lord castle is still preserved at the top of the hill, to the north of Platja Fosca, with its half-destroyed towers and walls.

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