Moll Grec

None of the Costa Brava beaches joins fun and archeology so closely as does Moll Grec (literally, ‘Greek dock’), located in Sant Martí d’Empúries, a small coastal village attached to l’Escala.

Platja del Moll Grec, l'Escala, Girona, Costa Brava

Platja del Moll Grec, l'Escala, Girona, Costa Brava

And this is because, as the name suggests, on the right side of the beach are, still standing, part of the Greek harbor from I century BC, a stone wall built by the ancient inhabitants to protect the boats on the beach from the waves. This wall is fully accessible and visitors can walk through it. The environment is really lovely, as this beach is next to the coastal path that serves as a boardwalk that crosses the coves of l’Escala, with a pine forest just behind the beach, and typical dune formations that forms in a natural way in this area.

Antiguo muelle heleno de la Playa del Moll Grec, en l'Escala

Old greek dock stone in Playa del Moll Grec, in l'Escala, Costa Brava, Spain

The Moll Grec beach is 400 meters long, 40 meters wide and is composed of fine sand. Beside the creek you will also find small islands which can be reached by swimming, given the small distance between the shore and these rocky outcrops. Often many fishermen take advantage of this great location to throw their fishing rods.

Los pequeños salientes de la Playa del Moll Grec ofrece múltiples posibilidades lúdicas

Little rocks in Platja del Moll Grec, an excellent place for children to explore and play

This beach, despite its unspoiled nature, offers all types of services you can expect from a great one. It has been awarded with the blue flag quality. Indeed, Moll Grec beach has showers, bins, snack bar, hire pedalos, kiosk, sunbed and a rescue and surveillance team in the summer months.

La Playa del Moll Grec cuenta con unos excelentes servicios dedicados a los bañistas

Playa del Moll Grec offers excellent facilities to the bathers

As mentioned, the beach is opposite the center of Sant Martí d’Empúries, which is about 200 meters north, and that was the first greek historical center, from ancient Phocaea, before the people who occupied the ruins of Empúries (which are in turn just a few meters south from our beach). Sant Martí d’Empúries is today a charming medieval village that has excellent restaurants, perfect to complement a great day at the beach and that are not far from it.

Vista panorámica del pueblo medieval de Sant Martí d'Empúries, a pocos metros de la playa

Sant Martí d'Empúries medieval village, just a few meters from Moll Grec beach

And just few meters south of Moll Grec you’ll find more beautiful beaches as the Portitxol, 400 meters far away, once you pass another beautiful one: the Muscleres Beach.

Therefore the Moll Grec beach is an excellent opportunity for a fun day with family,  a perfect place to enjoy not only a coastline with clear water of high quality, but also a cultural and natural environment of great importance in the history of the Ampurdan.

Idílica imagen nocturna de la Playa Moll Grec, con el perfil del muelle y, al fondo, l'Escala

Night image of Platja del Moll Grec, with shape of the old harbor wall and, backwards, l'Escala

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