The Salvador Dali Triangle: Púbol Castle

Today we begin a series of three articles about the so-called “Dalí Triangle”, the places formed by the Púbol Castle, the Theatre-Museum in Figueres and House-museum Salvador Dalí in Portlligat, near Cadaqués, all of them key locations in the life of the great painter and located in the Costa Brava.

Dalí y Gala posan en el jardín del Castillo de Púbol

Dalí and Gala on Púbol Castle gardens

It is well known the critical role that Dalí’s wife, Gala, had on his work as a muse from the moment he met her in 1929.

In 1969 Dalí purchased an XIth century castle as a gift for Gala. At the time of purchase the castle, in La Pera, was indeed in a quite painful situation. Púbol Castle is a medieval building that saw its heyday between the XVth and XVIIth centuries, as the home of the barony of Púbol.

El Castillo de Púbol, en La Pera

Púbol Castle, in la Pera, Costa Brava, Spain

The castle is composed of three floors around a central courtyard. Outside, a beautiful garden reminds us of some of the main symbols of the Dali universe. After its he bought it, Dalí and Gala began a series of reforms of great artistic value. The final result was the preservation of the original medieval atmosphere of the rooms but with a romantic ornamentation typical of Dali surrealistic world.

El trono de Gala

Gala throne

The death of Gala, June 10th 1982, marked a turning point in the career of the great genius. Gala was buried in the crypt of the castle. Between 1982 et 1984, Dalí decided to set up his workshop in the castle. Finally he died in 1989 in Figueres.

Estatua del elefante, en el jardín del Castillo de Púbol

Elephant statue, on the Púbol Castle gardens

Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation currently manages the artistic legacy of the great painter and, since 1996, the Púbol Castle is open to all visitors. The piano, the elephant statue, the Cadillac, the private placements of Gala and Dali, the crypt, and many more private places of Dalí’s life, are the main attractions you’ll find through your visit, which will delight experts and non-experts on Dalí’s work.

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