Cala Giverola

Cala Giverola is one of those beautiful beaches that are, one after the other, in the magnificent stretch of coastline located between Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. Other creeks in the area, some already covered in our blog are Vallpresona Creek, Salionç Creek, Senyor Raimon Creek, etc.

Cala Giverola, en Tossa de Mar

Cala Giverola, in Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain

It is very easy to access Cala Giverola by car. Situated 5km from the north of Tossa de Mar, you’ll find a resort promoted in 1987 by the Swiss postmen professional union. The development, called Pola-Giverola, is really nice and please pay attention (visible from the road) to the kind of tramway that from the hill goes down the mountain, until the creek. We haven’t seen anything like that in the Costa Brava. Behind the beach there is also a sports and leisure center for residents. The cove is not at all private, is public domain. In addition to urbanization there is a campsite.

La Cala de Giverola, en la Costa Brava Sur, es muy familiar

Giverola creek, in South Costa Brava, is a very familiar beach

Cala Giverola is relatively large, about 175 meters long, with fine golden sand, very soft. Like all the surrounding beaches, forests and rocks are close to it. The atmosphere in Cala Giverola is usually very familiar and festive, for the reason mentioned above. Being so crowded has developed some good services as parking. There is even a small boat that runs along the coastline of the area (ask for acceptance or price, maybe is reserved only for holidays residents).

Barco turístico con vista del fondo submarino, en Cala Giverola

Touristic ship with underwater views, in Cala Giverola, Tossa de Mar

Since it is very easy to reach Cala Giverola by car and to park near it, we recommend a visit to this spectacular creek, specially if you drive along the GI-682, the winding road that connects Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guíxols, where you’ll find a good number of beautiful creeks: Cala Giverola, Cala Salionç, Cala Futadera, etc.

Cala Giverola, desde su lado norte

Cala Giverola, from the north side


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