Begur Castle

Main symbol of the town and its most famous viewpoint, Begur Castle contains, even in its current state, centuries of ancient and eventful history. Its visit is highly recommended for those wishing to enjoy a pleasant walk ended with an unforgettable scenic view of the center of the Empordà.

El Castillo de Begur, en Girona, Costa Brava

Begur Castle, in Girona, Costa Brava, Spain

Although Iberian civilisation remains have been found on the same mountain, the origins of the castle dates back to the XIth century, when the feudal lord, Arnust of Begur, built this on one of the highest mountains of the village for the strategic position and the good views it provided. The building passed through different owners until King Pere IV the Ceremonious sells it to the Cruïlles family in 1360, which retains it until 1604, when Baron Carles de Vilademany Cruïlles sold it to city council of Begur, a very important fact, because it no longer returned to private hands again.

As can be seen, despite its charm and beauty, Begur Castle only keeps its foundations. Its current state is the result of its historical facts, a price that had to pay for its excellent strategic location.

Imagen panorámica obtenida desde el Castillo de Begur, en Girona

Panomaric view got from Begur, in Girona, Costa Brava. Begur Castle is on the right side.

The castle has suffered during history three major destructions. The first one, during Catalan Civil War (1468), the second during the raid led by the French Duc de Noailles, in 1694. And the last and so far the final one, during the spanish War of the independence against the French, in 1810.

The current state of the castle, with the top decorated with beautiful merlons, is a delicate restoration work carried out during the XXth century. The entrances have also been conditioned so that it is now possible to visit even for people with limited mobility or moving in a wheelchair. There are no interior places to visit on the castle.

Un elemento de cerámica en el centro de la cima permite identificar los puntos geográficos del paisaje

From the top of Begur Castle you'll have some help to identify the geographical Ampurdán points around

The view is absolutely outstanding. At the summit visitors will also find a beautiful sculpted ceramic map on which they will identify the different points of the landscape visible from this beautiful Ampurdán scenic view: the Medas islands, the bay of Roses, the Pyrenees (mountain of Canigó), Palamós, Sa Riera…

Desde la cima del Castillo de Begur se obtiene una excelente imagen de Sa Riera y del golfo de Roses

From the Begur Castle you get excellent views of Sa Riera beach, Medes Islands and the Bay of Roses

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