Cala Sa Tuna

Sa Tuna is one of the most beautiful and picturesque creeks of the Costa Brava. Located in the village of Begur, in the heart of the Costa Brava, Sa Tuna surprises visitors with its small size and its beauty.

La cala de Sa Tuna, en Begur

Sa Tuna Creek, in Begur, Costa Brava, Spain

Protected from waves by an arm of rock a few hundred meters (la punta d’es Plom), it is an extremely quiet corner of the Costa Brava the days of summer when bathers come to enjoy its wonderful landscape, the environment … and transparent waters, with a dark sea background.

The cove has its origin in the seaside neighborhood of the same name. Even today the houses are preserved, today holiday homes that haven’t lost their charm, all providing a stunning sea view. Not only Sa Tuna residents have their boats here, but also fishermen from the town center of Begur, which, before motor vehicles invaded our roads, had to travel on foot from the center through the old road, which is still preserved and is appropriately marked as pathway.

Barca en la cala de Sa Tuna

Little fisherman ship on Sa Tuna Creek, Begur

You can also find some pleasure boats anchored, most are very small and even some traditional.

Those willing to find the natural shade on the beach, must know that it offers in its right side (facing the sea) the shade of a high cave in which, during the summer months, Habaneras chant shows are held , the music typical of the Costa Brava, which brings memories of emigration from the Catalans to Cuba in the XIXth century. This cave is the Cova de Sant Pau and offers plenty of shade for those who have forgotten the sunshade or simply want to enjoy the fresh shade on hot summer days.

Camino de ronda en Sa Tuna

Pathway between Aiguafreda and Sa Tuna Creeks, Begur

Moreover, from Sa Tuna is possible to start a wonderful journey, about 15 minutes, the pathway leading to the nearby creek of Aiguafreda. You will enjoy beautiful views of the bay itself, the Cap Sa Sal and the Aiguafreda cove itself. This excursion is highly recommended and is suitable for everyone because of the easy level.

Sa Tuna is about 80 meters long and only about 15 meters wide and is equipped with public showers. It also has a lot of parking places.

If you ever visit Begur, do not forget to come to this beautiful natural environnement.


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