Cala Canyelles

Cala Canyelles is the last sandy cove located in Lloret de Mar, just before entering the village of Tossa de Mar. The beach is endowed with great qualities to enjoy a full beach day in family.

Vista panorámica de Cala Canyelles, en Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava

Scenic view of Cala Canyelles, in Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava

Cala Canyelles has the distinction of having, at its right end, to the south, the only harbour that you find in Lloret. This is a small pier that accommodates only small vessels, most sport boats. Associated with him is the Yacht Club Cala Canyelles.

Puerto deportivo de Cala Canyelles, en Lloret de Mar

Cala Canyelles harbour, in Lloret de Mar

The sand of the cove is thick and golden coloured. Its length is over 400 meters and has a width of about 40 meters. Canyelles is an urbanized cove and is equipped with all the amenities you would expect of a large creek. So in addition to bins, showers footbaths, cleaning services, parasol and hammocks rental, kiosk and restaurant, it has surveillance and first aid services during the summer season. It also has a small playground where children can play when they want to switch the water games.

La playa de Canyelles cuenta entre sus excelentes servicios con un parque infantil

Canyelles beach has excellent services, and a children park among them

To Cala Canyelles arrives the tour boat lines, many of them with underwater views, that allows to tour the coastline of the Costa Brava from Blanes to Sant Feliu. On the beach there is a point of information and ticketing.

La Cala Canyelles se encuentra dividida por dos grandes y atractivas rocas pobladas de pinos

Cala Canyelles is divided by two big rocks with pines on them

As can be seen in the photographs Cala Canyelles is divided by a set of two large rocks in its center. Many swimmers love to extend the towel in the shade of these rocky outcrops that have the particularity to host pines on their summits, about 10 meters high. The rocks also reach the sea and children and adults love snorkeling in search of tiny life forms around them. From this part of the beach on the left side, where the snack bar, the number of bathers is generally lower, as it is located a little further away from the main entrance of the creek, the park and the marina.

Entre ambas rocas existe un espacio perfecto para practicar el snorkel

Between the two rocks there is a perfect space to snorkel

Access to Cala Canyelles is really easy, just have to take the road of Tossa de Mar and swerve right at the moment you see the indication of the cove. Creek also has parking, so hopefully if you go to this beach high occupancy, even in high season, you can park.

Otros de los excelentes servicios que ofrece Cala Canyelles es el alquiler de canoas o patines acuáticos

Another of the excellent services in Cala Canyelles offered is kayak rentals

Thus, the Cala Canyelles, in Lloret de Mar, awarded with the blue flag, is one of those great beaches of the Costa Brava with a lot of services and perfect to meet the needs of a large family beach day.

La parte izquierda de la Cala Canyelles acoge un chiringuito orientado al mar con ambiente chillout

In the left side of Cala Canyelles there is a typical beach bar (chiringuito) oriented to the sea and with chillout ambiance


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