Fenals Beach

Lloret de Mar is one of the most attractive villages in Costa Brava. With 34,000 inhabitants, its most important natural heritage are the many beaches and coves that surround it. Today we visit one of the most familiar and popular beaches: Fenals.

La playa de Fenals, en Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava

Fenals Beach, in Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava

Playa Fenals can be easily accessed is through the GI-682 route, between Blanes and Lloret itself. The beach is just about 1.5 kms from the center village. We are talking about the second largest beach in Lloret de Mar, behind the popular Playa de Lloret, located further north and where you can go from Fenals through the coastal path. With a length of 725 mts and a width of 45 mts, this golden sand beach is adapted for disabled bathers and has all kinds of services: showers, sun beds, restaurants, kayaks rentals, litter bins, telephones, etc.

Lado norte de la playa de Fenals, donde comienza el camino de ronda, en Lloret de Mar

North side of Playa de Fenals, where starts the coastal path to Lloret de Mar Beach

Fenals is a beach that, by its location, tends to be quite busy in summer. And it has an exceptional atmosphere. The boulevard that surrounds it contributes to this unique animation. Along the seafront there are two different environments. On the one hand, to the north, is the most urbanized part of the beach. Here you will find apartments, bars, restaurants. In this side of the beach begins a coastal path that, through a series of coves, the Punta Fenals and Punta d’En Sureda, where the Castle of Sant Joan is located (XIth century), leads to Playa de Lloret, about 30 minutes walking.

El Castillo de Sant Joan, junto a la playa de Fenals

Sant Joan Castle, next to Fenals Beach

The southern part of the cove is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and leads to the Cala d’en Serrahima and further, Cala Boadella, just below Santa Clotilde Gardens.

La playa de Fenals ofrece un extenso arenal. Vista hacia el sur.

Fenals Beach is a vast sand extension. Views to the south side.

The swimming conditions are excellent in Fenals Beach. With moderate waves, the bottom of the beach is sandy, and although the slope is fairly steep, it has no danger. As mentioned, Fenals beach is one of the best options for those who, by staying in Lloret de Mar or nearby, look for a large and familiar beach, with services tailored to all audiences and that has an interesting environment that is easy to walk through the coastal paths.

Hacia el norte la punta de Fenals ofrece un bello camino de ronda hasta la playa de Lloret

From north Fenals Beach you can follow the beautiful coastal path to the central Lloret beach (Platja de Lloret)


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