Cala Boadella

Calm, protected by an extensive trees wood and surrounded by cliffs, Cala Sa Boadella still keeps the typical virgin cove ammbiance just 1 kilometer of the busiest beaches of Lloret de Mar and just under one of the most beautiful gardens on the Costa Brava : Santa Clotilde Gardens.

Cala Boadella, en Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava

Cala Boadella, in Lloret de Mar, Girona, Costa Brava, Spain

Cala de Sa Boadella is about 200 meters long by 25 meters wide. Situated between Cala Santa Cristina and Punta d’en Sureda (a little rocky cape), it is a long narrow beach where granitic rocks that compose it draw a clear division in two, forming another cove as long as we keep going to the south direction.

Back of the beach you will see rock formations. As you dive into the waters you’ll verify that the sea gets deep quickly. Water is clean, transparent, since the beach is open enough to not stay in the area any foreign body for much time.

Panorámica de la Cala Boadella, en Lloret de Mar, junto a los jardines de Santa Clotilde

Cala Boadella panoramical view, in Lloret de Mar, under Santa Clotilde Gardens

The idyllic and romantic atmosphere that makes this creek so special in the Costa Brava is also largely due to the surrounding environment. The cove is surrounded by a forest of white pine, very curious, with the curved trunks going towards the sea. Moreover, the cliffs surrounding the beach have some reddish color rocks, so particular in the area.

La Cala Boadella es una cala perfecta para pasar el día en familia

Cala Boadella is a perfect cove to spend a summer day in familiy

And, of course, any visitor to Cala Boadella should know that just above the cove are the Renaissance gardens of Santa Clotilde, Italian-designed ones designed in 1919 by Nicolau Rubió i Tudurí. The garden can be seen from the outside, but it is highly recommended to check timetables for getting lost inside.

Boadella Creek is a beach that has all the amenities you would expect from a beach of its features: showers, toilets, bar-restaurants, security, etc.

Las aguas de Cala Sa Boadella son limpias y transparentes

Cala Sa Boadella waters are clean and transparent

To reach the beach from Lloret de Mar you’ll have to take the GI-682 that goes to Blanes. One kilometer from Lloret you’ll find a roundabout (A point on the map) that shows direction towards Santa Clotilde urbanization. Take this oone towards the mountains. At one point you’ll see that there is a footpath to the left, while vehicles are directed to the right where you parked. From there to the beach is a 300 metres path through a lush forest. If you go in summer you won’t descend alone, because many Lloret de Mar visitors love this place.

En este mapa se puede ver la posición de Cala Boadella en el litoral de Lloret de Mar

On this map you can see Cala Boadella location in Lloret de Mar coastline


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